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Margaret Ryan Kreeger
Employment Law Source, Inc.

Top labor law defense attorney

Margaret Ryan Kreeger
Top labor law defense attorney

  • Ms. Ryan Kreeger brings experience and up-to-date knowledge to business clients at affordable rates. 
  • Ms. Ryan Kreeger has a reputation for the quick and precise analysis of complex issues and then helps her clients arrive at the right outcome.
  •  Call or text (714) 553-4153

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  • Admitted to practice at District, State and Federal Courts in California
  • Admitted to practice at California and Pennsylvania State Supreme Courts
  • Member of US Supreme Court Bar
  • Member of California State Bar
  • Member of Pennsylvania State Bar
  • Member of American Bar Association
  • Member of Association of Workplace Investigators
  • Graduate of UCI Irvine in Spanish Literature
  • Graduate of University of San Francisco School of Law


  • Trial Attorney for US EEOC in Baltimore and Los Angeles
  • Hearings Examiner, Los Angeles Office
  • Special Assistant to the Chairman, EEOC
    now a US Supreme Court Justice, the Honorable Clarence Thomas
  • Labor Counsel for Southern California Edison
  • Corporate Counsel for Atlantic Richfield Co. in Los Angeles
  • Managing Attorney for BP/ Western Region, US
  • Labor and Employment Counsel for Multi- National Corporations in the Energy and IT Businesses

The Year 2015 was the 800th Anniversary of the Sealing of the Magna Carta

The year 2015 was the 800th Anniversary of the presentation of the Magna Carta by the Lords of Britain to King John at a place called Runnymede.

Margaret Ryan Kreeger was invited by the American Bar Association (ABA) to participate in the rededication of the Monument sponsored by the ABA at Runnymede.

The Carta was among the texts which profoundly influenced the formation of Democracies around the world and is recognized to have particularly influenced the founding fathers who signed the Constitution of the United States.

Since the Lords were a contentious lot, the boggy meadow of Runnymede was selected as the meeting place so as to discourage any major potential conflagrations.

King John reluctantly accepted and signed (sealed) the Carta which was then promptly annulled by the Pope who alone reserved the right to bestow divine rights upon Kings. Human rights were deemed invalid before the Vicar of the Lord.

Nevertheless, the Lords persisted and the Carta was eventually accepted by the King and thus began the secular influence on governance in the middle ages.

Margaret Ryan Kreeger


  • Member of US Supreme Court Bar
  •  Member of California State Bar
  •  Member of Pennsylvania State Bar
  •  Member of American Bar Association 
  •  Member of Association of Workplace Investigators 
  •  Graduate of UCI Irvine in Spanish Literature 
  •  Admitted to practice at District, State and Federal Courts in California 
  •  Admitted to practice at California and Pennsylvania State Supreme Courts 
  •  Admitted to practice at the US Supreme Court
  • Expert Workplace Investigator
  • Skilled negotiator
  • Experienced advisor on the law and impacts on business needs
  • Qualified Counselor on all needs for business from handbooks, to offer letter, to terminations and litigation 
  •  She is brilliant and exceptionally gifted in identifying pitfalls and barriers as well as finding pathways to help Corporate Officers negotiate the often jagged and obscure pylons of state and federal laws

Member of the Bar of the United States Supreme Court

On June 6, 2016, a Certificate of admission to the bar of the Supreme Court of the United States was issued to Margaret R. Kreeger,
which carries with it the right to argue cases before the Supreme Court.

Prior to this achievement Margaret R. Kreeger acted as Special Assistant to the Chairman, EEOC
now a US Supreme Court Justice,
the Honorable Clarence Thomas.


Ron Redcay, ARCO Law

Marge Kreeger is an extremely knowledgeable and capable employment and labor lawyer with decades of experience in government, corporate and private practice.  I had the pleasure of benefiting from her many talents for seven years as the head of the ARCO legal group.  During that time she impressed me with her comprehensive knowledge of employment law.  But even more importantly she made my job easy by applying that knowledge to resolve problems in a way that benefited not only the company but also the employees. And she did all this in a warm and reassuring manner that engendered trust and respect.  I would highly recommend her to any business that needs these special skills to deal with a sensitive legal matter.

Tracy Moore, Crimson Pipeline

Ms. Kreeger is, without a doubt, an attorney of professional caliber. Ms. Kreeger has been very easy to work with on a variety of business legal matters and has efficiently handled them all and obtained the results we were hoping for. She is extremely valuable ensuring all levels of company management understand important aspects in the employment law arena. Ms. Kreeger has provided excellent advice, communication and follow through. She shows a genuine concern with the legal questions that arise in the course of our doing business. I would highly recommend her!

Alba Mckinley, Sea horse resort

For our family’s hotel business, the representation and advice we have received from Employment Law Source has truly been invaluable. I sleep better at night knowing I can reach out to Margaret and she will provide the professional advice I need to make the right decisions for my business.

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